Apogaea Seed Round Results

I just found that that the Daylight Box was selected as a seed round winner today!

I’m excited and thrilled to be able to bring and share this project with all of you at Apogaea this year. This is also my first funded art project with Apogaea so this is a special experience for me as well.

Dimmer switch demo

One of the ideas that came out of the first big money round application for the Daylight Box was the idea that putting 125+ strands of Christmas Lights on a single structure might actually be too bright to want to sit under at night. I have a couple ways of either buying or building dimmer switches to dim down the lights as needed. This is a video showing what a dimmer switch will do for a single strand of Christmas Lights.


If you are wondering why dimming the Christmas Lights might be a good idea. This is a picture of a fraction of my Christmas Lights up during the holiday season.  I can see this from the highway a mile away.


Light controller demo

These are a couple demo videos of the light controllers I’m going to use for the Daylight Box. Between these 2 controllers I’ll have 8 channels of lights that will be set up in a grid pattern over the length of the monkey hut. Even at full power, I should be able to put 12-15 strands on each channel as each channel can handle up to a max of 150 watts.

Apogaea 2015 Big Money Round Application

We just put the finishing touches on the big money round application for Apogaea 2015.  Got the application with all the final touches in with about an hour to spare.  The review period for this round is about 3 weeks or so until the art committee votes on this round.  I imagine CATS (the art committee) will have questions that I need to respond too.

Daylight Box name ideas

This project has had a few name as the concept developed over time into what it did.  As the idea grew and developed as did the name.  It is an interesting retrospective to look back at how the name of the project almost defined what the project was about.  There is a symbiosis of project name (or identity even) and the description and what the project really is.

These were the 3 primary names that this project has gone by before settling on Daylight Box.  There were other iterations as well, but nothing was catchy enough or really stuck with either of us.

Tunnel of OMG Xmas Lights

Don’t Blink: Night becomes day

Daylight Box